Criminals in Brazil don't just have to watch out for the cops -- now they need to check over their shoulders for Batman, too.

Police in the Brazilian city of Taubaté have enlisted André Luiz Pinheiro, 50, a military retiree and local Batman impersonator, to roam the streets in crime-ridden neighborhoods. And according to O Vare, a local news site, the goal is for Pinheiro to "hopefully become an approachable presence in these troubled communities and act as a recognizable beacon for lost children."

Wayward kids aside, there's no word on just what the erstwhile crime-fighter will be allowed to do or how many wonderful toys -- as the Joker once called them -- he can use to keep ne'er-do-wells in their place. But he reportedly won't be working with petty theft cases. Police want him on the streets to discourage murder and drug trafficking.

Regardless, Pinheiro's up for the challenge.

I am eager to know how we can work together,” he said. “One child that I can help bringing the story of a character, it would be very cool.”

Agreed, just as long as he doesn't follow Batman's lead and adopt one of those kids as his ward and sidekick. Why didn't Child Services ever look into the whole Robin thing?