Although this video was uploaded a little over a year ago, it recently made the front page of Reddit and thus garnered way more exposure. Rightfully so, as what you are about to see is a young boy play the banjo, accompanied by his brothers on violin and guitar, who all play some mean bluegrass music. And if you don't care for bluegrass much, you will after this performance.

Watch some blistering finger-picking below.

The boys are a real bluegrass trio called Sleepy Man Banjo Boys and their musical talents have even earned them an appearance on David Letterman's show. We first noticed them a while back after their cover of 'Dueling Banjos' went viral.

The young banjo player is Jonny Mizzone (9), and along with his brothers Robbie (13) on fiddle, and Tommy (14) on guitar, the band are now like the Jonas Brothers of bluegrass. Can they bring bluegrass music back to the spotlight? With videos like this, they're off to a good start.

Watch the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys perform 'Dueling Banjos' below.