Thanks to the movie 'Deliverance,' the song 'Dueling Banjos' is associated with creepy hillbillies. But it's actually an extremely difficult song to play properly. Which is why this performance of the classic folk tune by a group of kids who go by the name The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys is so impressive.

The band consists of nine-year old Jonny Mizzone on banjo, his 13-year old brother Robbie on fiddle, and 14-year old brother Tommy on guitar. While their rendition of Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell's version of the iconic song is currently going viral, this isn't the first time the boys have tasted fame.

In fact, the band was featured on 'David Letterman' last summer, where they impressed the host with the song 'Flint Hill Special.'

The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys get their name from Jonny's habit of practicing while laying on his back with his eyes closed. As the youngest member of the group, Jonny is forced to do this because his adult banjo sometimes proves too heavy for him.

The boys have a CD, which you can buy here. We've also compiled some of the best songs from their YouTube channel. Check them out, along with the Letterman performance, below.