We finally have some words to go with a photo that left us all speechless.

A 6-year-old boy from Scarsdale, N.Y. named Alex wrote a letter to President Obama asking if he and his family could adopt the Syrian boy whose home was bombed last month in the hopes "he will be our brother." You can see video of the boy here.

The image of that child, Omran, shook the entire world, a rarely-seen look at the horrors of war and the impact it has on those we hear about, but don't often see.

The president read Alex's speech in a speech to the United Nations this week. Afterward, he posted the above video of Alex reading it aloud, making it even more powerful.

The letter is getting a lot of publicity and comes at a time when Donald Trump Jr. caught a lot of flak for his tweet comparing refugees to Skittles.