Just about everyone has wondered either to themselves or out loud if intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. We're sure that very few of those people have actually asked themselves what they would ask them if they could speak our language.

Big Think, the expert video series that asks big questions to some people with very big minds and ideas, sat down with Bill Nye aka "The Science Guy." They asked him that very question.

Naturally, his answer was very science-y. He would want to know the aliens' own origins. He would ask them about their race's biological beginnings and if they knew how they came into existence.

Then, he said he would follow it with perhaps the most important question anyone could ask an alien, "What are you doing here?".

We're not going to pretend to be as smart as Mr. Nye. There is no way we would even be able to maintain a scientific mindset during our alien encounter. Based on our knowledge of alien movies and alien abduction stories, our first question would undoubtedly be "Could you please not probe us?".