The Bow Tie Club includes members as diverse as conservative commentator George Will and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. But our favorite member of "bow tie nation" is Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Nerdist's Chris Hardwick spent some time with Nye recently, and inevitably the talk turned to bow ties. Hardwick doesn't know how to tie one and who better than Nye to teach him?

Hardwick would be remiss if he didn't call attention to the fact that "Nye" not only rhymes with "guy" but also with "tie." Once that was out of the way, he got down to the business of trying to tie a bow tie for the first time.

Despite Nye's expert instruction, Hardwick was unable to do so.

"Why don't I have eyes in my chin?," he complained.

Nye took pity on Hardwick and reached over and tied his knot like an understanding father. Then Nye displayed the full range of his neckwear prowess by tying his own bow tie in a blazing 24 seconds.

According to, former NFL linebacker and bow tie aficionado Dhani Jones holds the world record for fastest bow tie at 13.59 seconds. So as impressive as Nye's performance was there is still some room for improvement.