The mythical (or is it?) ape-like creature known as Bigfoot is generally thought to be reclusive. But a Pennsylvania man said he had an up-close-and-personal encounter with the creature when it vandalized his Winnebago RV.

According to John Reed, he was camping with his girlfriend one night when he saw the creature walk by the window of his 1973 Dodge Winnebago. The creature reportedly threw rocks at the vehicle, smashing windows and tail lights. Naturally, both Reed and his girlfriend gave chase in a truck but the creature escaped.

Reed, who describes himself as a Bigfoot tracker since the age of 10, said this is actually the third time he's seen the creature. While cops think human vandals are more likely to blame, Reed thinks this was a warning by Bigfoot to vacate his territory.

As for us, we're completely convinced that Bigfoot was behind it all. Hey, what can we say? We're huge Sasquatch fans, alright?

Who (or what) do you think was responsible for the attack on the Winnebago?