While Bigfoot is generally thought to be of the Pacific Northwest, there have always been an unusual number of sightings of the creature in Ohio. That would include this latest spotting, which was recorded in the Grand River area of the state.

As you can see, a figure resembling the mythical beast runs out in front of a motorized dirt bike or a scooter, causing the vehicle to veer off the path and crash into the woods.

Of course the logical mind will suggest that what we are really looking at is ruse perpetrated by man in an ape suit and an accomplice with a deliberately low-resolution camera. Or, perhaps, there is a more innocent explanation. Maybe someone got really lost on the way to the furry convention.

However, acting or not, the unidentified person on the bike does seem genuinely surprised to see the stick-wielding hair ball suddenly appear.

So what do you think? Is this Bigfoot sighting legit?

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