To celebrate March 23rd, aka National Puppy Day, we bring you the story of a pup named Beyonce.

The adorable mixed-breed furball was born a paltry four ounces and not breathing. But luckily the attending vet was able to give her CPR and a chance at life.

In fact, it was pretty lucky that Beyonce was born at all. First, her liter was almost aborted. Then her mother, a stray, was almost euthanized before she was born. But fate smiled on Beyonce both times, and what now may be the world's smallest puppy is also one of its most fortunate. Check out Beyonce healthy and at two weeks old.

The name Beyonce comes from the singer, who performed the song 'Survivor' while part of the group 'Destiny's Child.' Yup, the pocket-sized charmer is certainly a survivor. And what about that adorable shot of her balancing on a iPhone? There's no app for that.