It doesn’t get a lot of press coverage and the banks are still open, but March 23 is National Puppy Day. For the seventh year, we will spend this day reflecting on what it is that we love so much about puppies. Perhaps this is a day we should have more than once a year.

National Puppy Day was founded by Colleen Paige, who also founded the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network, in 2006 to help save orphaned puppies, draw attention to the abuses of puppy mills and further the group’s mission for a nation of puppy-free pet stores.

We think it’s also a great day to spend watching puppies be cute! Every day is a great day for that, but this is a day when we can tell people it’s okay to waste time watching videos of one of the most adorable creatures on the planet because it’s for a good cause.

Here are 10 of the best moments to watch puppies being cute:

When They Think They Are Tough

This puppy has decided the camera is a threat, so he’s going to protect his little puppy turf by growling and barking ferociously. We can’t tell, but we think the camera is probably pretty scared.

When They Think They Are Bigger Than They Are

This also happens to puppies who think they’re tough, they think they’re bigger and more dominant than they are. This puppy thinks he’s the dog walker, not the dog. Watch him take “his” big, black lab for a walk.

When They Try Not to Fall Asleep

These two pooches got very tired on their first walk, but they don’t want to miss anything else super fun like walking so they must… stay… awake. Until they can’t.

When They Actually Fall Asleep

Sometimes a puppy is tired and just has to sleep where he is. And now we know why it’s called falling asleep.

When They Chase Things Attached to Them

Puppies chase things. That’s just what they do. But what if what they are chasing happens to be attached to them? It should be easier to catch, right?

When They Run

There are a few things in this world cuter than puppies running. When they aren’t chasing their own tails, they’re chasing pretty much anything that will run in front of them, including a person with a camera.

When They Jump

This is one of those few things that’s cuter than puppies running. Puppies jumping. This little tail-wagger just wants to see his buddy. He is very excited for the possibility of just one glimpse of that person.

When They Play

Put the running and jumping together and what do you get? Puppies playing. Watching a puppy play could probably melt any heart. Little Tobey is pretty sure this ball is up to something, and he’s going to put it in its place.

When They Find Stairs

Nothing in a puppy’s early days prepares it for stairs. They’re new. They’re different. They’re a challenge to be conquered. We can’t tell if the tails help or hinder, but they definitely make the process extra cute.

When They Discover Slides

Even if a pup has mastered the stairs, he is no match for a slide. These Dalmatians are getting their first lesson in the magical combination of a slippery slide and the law of gravity.

Bonus: When They Meet Goats?

We never knew what a cute match a puppy and a goat could be, but apparently these unexpected playmates can have a lot of fun. Just be careful you don’t let a puppy get your goat.

You should also watch out for a goat getting your puppy, because sometimes the goat wins.

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