Florida man Kelsey Smith deserves a round of applause. In addition to being tasered multiple times while resisting arrest on June 19th, the 29-year-old also took what will surely go down in history as the nuttiest mugshot ever. Looking good, dude.

According to police, Smith was found sitting in his parked car in the middle of an intersection. Cops said his eyes were "glassy and bloodshot, and his speech was very slurred." In addition, they said "the smell commonly associated with the consumption of alcohol was emanating from within the vehicle and from Smith's person." Uh, ya don't say.

Naturally, Smith refused to exit his Audi and was tasered three times -- once in the buttocks -- while struggling with cops. At some point during the melee, he bashed his head into the car's roof, then spit the resulting blood at police.

But did it end there? Nope! Smith also refused to pose for a mugshot once he was hauled to jail and cops had to forcibly hold his head in place, resulting in in the stunning image above. Smith was charged with DUI and resisting arrest. (Probably goes without saying.)