People may see sharks in the water during the summer. Imagine their surprise when they see one wash up on shore.

Check out this incredible video of a shark that got stuck in the sand on a beach in Cape Cod, Mass earlier this week. The seven-foot long creature appeared dead, but beachgoers rallied to its aid by throwing water on it before officials tied it to a boat and returned it to the water.

Harbormaster Stuart Smith led the effort to help the shark and he praised the people who chipped in.

"Twenty, 25 years ago, they wouldn’t be exactly helping the shark. They’d be harming the shark. But now every single person on that beach was trying to assist it. The people on the beach made the difference."

Officials also placed what's known as an acoustic tag on the shark, enabling them to keep tabs on it as long as it stays in the area.

The whole scene was certainly pretty amazing and a reminder that while we may be terrified of sharks, they can also be gentle (and even amusing).

Check out the incident in its entirety below.

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