Earlier this week, a group of men stormed a bank in Parana, Brazil and made off with approximately $16,000. It was the perfect heist -- until one of the robbers clumsily shot himself in the foot. (No joke.)

Security footage shows the robber, who was acting as lookout at the time, awkwardly fumbling with two guns when -- BLAM! -- one goes off and shoots him in the foot. Later, the thief can be seen painfully limping from the bank with his cohorts.

But the hapless criminal's troubles didn't end there. He was nabbed by police later that day after seeking medical attention at a hospital.

So, bank robbers listen up. If your gang is planning a heist, never, ever give the clumsy guy a gun. (Check out the raw footage of the stupid criminal over on Huffington Post Weird News.)

[via MSNBC]

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