Everyone wants to take a crack at ‘Gangnam Style’ these days-- Klingons, Elmo, even the US Naval Academy. But the latest person under the PSY spell isn’t out to parody the Korean star’s mega-hit. In fact, the adorable little dude is just mesmerized by it!

Meet baby Benjamin, the 10-month-old who recently became hooked on the ultra pop song. Like any other tot, Benjamin becomes a little fussy at lunchtime when dad’s trying to shove mushed peas and carrots into his mouth. Although we can’t blame him -- that stuff is extra gross.

Luckily, the kid’s parents have discovered an amazingly random and creative way to get Benjamin into the lunchtime zone --’Gangnam Style’! As soon as they turn on the head boppin’ music, their tot stops all whining, stares at the computer screen, and eats those nasty peas and carrots like a champ!

Once again, PSY has saved the day.