Stressed? Unhappy? Worried? Wash all those concerns away with this cute video that knocks all other cute videos down a peg.

This video, from a simpler time known as 2011, is pretty self-explanatory, but we'll still give you a primer. A baby, just out of the bath, gets his toes licked by the family cat.

The baby loves it. The baby's parents love it. And you'll love it, too, because it obeys all the rules of internet videos. It's got a baby laughing and a cat. All that's missing is a goat in pajamas to pat the tyke's head and a tiny hamster slinking off to the corner to enjoy a tiny pizza while a llama on the loose sneaks in to say good night.

See, we bet all those concerns you had that were keeping you awake at night washed away. And you didn't even need a cat licking your toes to do it.

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