The miracle of childbirth is an awesome, even if the baby in question will grow up to terrify us humans.

The Australian Reptile Park posted this video of a baby alligator hatching out of an egg.

Admit it -- you "oohed" and "aahed" while watching this and your heart melted just a wee bit when the gator whimpered.

Park honcho Tim Faulkner says that noise actually has a purpose beyond being cute. "On the magic morning, you hear their little calls before they even get out of the eggs," he said. "They’ll sit there for a little while as they take their first breaths. Once they push their head and first leg out, that seems to be the catalyst for ‘right, I’m out of here’ and they wobble out."

This little critter is certainly going to grow and while it's cute as a button now its teeth will one day make people run for the hills. It's akin to cute babies who grow up and turn into terrifying teenagers.

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