The long-awaited fourth season of 'Arrested Development' finally came out this weekend, forcing thousands of people to cancel their Memorial Day plans to sit in their dark living rooms, far away from nature and sunlight instead. But mindlessly shoveling takeout into their mouths as they sank deeper and deeper into their sofas wasn't all they were doing -- they were also complaining about the new episodes on Twitter and Facebook.  Surprised that a show isn't exactly the same as it was before it took a seven-year hiatus, this is a GIF guide to the nearly universal reaction people had to the fourth season.

WHAT?! There's going to be new 'Arrested Development'?!!

Part way through the first episode:

Okay, maybe things will pick up in the second episode:

You know what, it's not that late. Two more episodes. Two:

Nope. Not really working.

I refuse to stop watching! Oh hey, it's kind of picking up:

Wait, WTF, how is it all over? What am I supposed to watch now? Why did I do this??? WHY??????!!!