Our pets are good at tons of things, like getting stuck in jars and sneaking into pictures for awesome photobombs. They possess talents a bunch of other animals would envy. But did you know our four-legged friends are really, really good at playing dead?

Sure it's an age-old trick, but these days, the game of mock keeling over has been brought to a whole new level of believability by some master fakers. We're not talking about just any old flop-over. The animals in this supercut have impressive acting skills that would even give Tom Hanks a run for his money! (Did Tom Hanks ever fake dead? Well, Hooch probably did.)

With just a "BANG!," these dogs and cats dramatically bite the dust, and of course they magically spring back to life right after for a treat. But that's not necessarily our favorite part-- did you know gerbils and dolphins can play dead too?!

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