Feeling a little sluggish today? Maybe a bit unproductive? We’re here to help. Remember that genius research claiming kitty and puppy photos boost work performance? Well, consider this a legitimate substitution for that 5-Hour Energy you were contemplating. It's a cat. Stuck in a jar. On video.

The concept is simple. There’s a curious cat and a jar that’s just big enough to fit a silly little kitty. This feline is trying to snag the two toys inside, but they’re just out of paw's reach. After a few attempts, the cat decides to throw caution to the wind and dive head first into the jar. Fortunately for us, gravity takes over and the furball gets stuck and smushed. In a cute way. Not a horrifying steamroller way.

So you’re feeling extra productive right now and can finally concentrate on that presentation due in an hour, right? Yeah, us either. Back to the cat videos! You're welcome.

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