Raccoons may look cute and cuddly, but if you've ever gotten close to one, you know they're not to be messed with. On Monday, a woman learned this the hard way when she came too close to a pack of raccoons and suffered a vicious attack.

Earlier this week, Michaela Lee was jogging with her dog, Madison, on the edge of Fort Steilacoom Park in Washington when the dog broke free and began chasing raccoons. When Lee went to fetch her pooch, several raccoons emerged from the nearby brush and began pursuing her.

"I felt like they were hunting me [with a] 'taking me down' pack mentality. There were five of them," she said.

Lee ran approximately 75 feet into a neighbor's yard before she was knocked down and mauled by the animals. Lee's dog and a witness helped scare the attacking raccoons away, but not before she was wounded with scratches, scrapes and punctures. She was taken to a nearby hospital and treated.

Although Lee isn't afraid to venture back into the woods, she'll be better prepared next time. "I'll have some bear mace with me," she said. Sounds good, but is that really enough? Better bring a suit of armor too.