If these guys turn out to be guilty, we are definitely blaming them for the high cost of air travel. 18 employees at JFK International Airport were arrested for stealing 100,000 of those little tiny liquor bottles from American Airlines in an elaborate scheme.

In addition to the tiny liquor bottles, the employees also took duty-free regular-sized bottles of liquor, perfume and cartons of cigarettes. Some of the people arrested were security guards who were paid bribes to look the other way when stuff was being smuggled out. When police went to one man's home they found 500-600 trash bags, each containing one hundred tiny bottles of booze and $34,000 in cash. The lil' nips were being sold to people who in turn sold them to bodegas.

Now that the arrests have been made, two questions stand out -- who has room in their home for 500-600 garbage bags, and what are they going to do with all that booze? Save it for the Christmas party?