Don't cut Adele off when she is making an acceptance speech. James Corden, who hosted the BRIT Awards Tuesday night learned this lesson after he interrupted the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer as she accepted the British Album of the Year award for the colossally successful '21.'

The crowd booed Corden for telling Adele that they had to move on to Blur's performance, and then Adele told him what she thought of his rudeness by flipping the bird.

Since Adele won six Grammys less than a month ago, one might think she had already gotten the acceptence speech thing out of her system. But taking an award in her home country of England was especially meaningful to the 23-year old, which is what she was trying to express when Corden cut her off.

After the show, Adele explained her profane gesture:

I was cut off during my speech but I wanted to thank the British public for all their support. I was held up with my voice and troubles but the album kept walking without me. I flipped the bird for the suits at the BRITS who cut me off. Sorry if I offended anyone but it was for them, not for the fans.”

Fair enough. And it certainly seems a more appropriate use of the middle finger than her fellow performer M.I.A., who recently flipped the bird at the Super Bowl for reasons only known to herself and Madonna.

[via Popcrush]

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