We aren't really sure whether to say this singer is China's answer to Adele or Susan Boyle -- the only thing we do know is that she can really sing (and maybe also knows martial arts).

We don't speak Chinese, but from the beginning of this video it seems like the contestant who's about to perform on singing contest 'The Voice of China' possibly grew up competing in marital arts tournaments.  That, coupled with the fact that she looks like she hangs out in the poetry section of the high school library drawing pictures in her notebook, really sets you up for surprise when she starts to sing and sounds just like Adele (skip to 1:25 if you just want to hear amazing singing).

If she only had one eyebrow we would say this was on par with the singing surprise that was Susan Boyle, not that being "just" an Adele sound-alike is anything to shake a stick at.

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