Santa's reindeers work their antlers off every Christmas, but the rest of God's creatures have got it so much easier. Whether they're household pets, zoo animals or endangered species just chilling in a preserve, the following eight animal videos illustrate just how much humans consider their furry and/or feathered friends a part of their families. Sure, you may wonder, "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?" To which we say, "Who cares?? Look how cute!"

  • 1

    Rabbit unwraps present, creepy owner watches

    Frankly, we've always found lop rabbits like this one, with the drooping, turned-down ears, to look a little strange. But the bunny in this vid's not half as creepy as its owner, who insists on addressing her pet in an eerie-bordering-on-pathological baby voice. Seriously, unless you're Lily Tomlin playing a five-and-a-half-year-old on 'Sesame Street', do not talk to anybody in that voice. Not even your rabbit.

  • 2

    Dog gets a cat for Christmas

    Is a kitty jumping out of a pooch's Christmas present the animal-world equivalent of a hot chick popping out of a bachelor's birthday cake? To see how hot and bothered this pup gets, our guess is yes.

  • 3

    Dachshund tracks down his stocking

    This dachshund has got the detective-like demeanor of a bloodhound. Look at how he patiently sniffs down each stocking for evidence of a treat before finally attacking the one he's deduced as his own with painstaking dedication. Are they casting for 'K-9 II' yet?

  • 4

    Lions and tigers and presents oh my!

    Let this video be a lesson to you: To protect yourself from lions and tigers and leopards (oh my!) while on safari, always carry a sacrificial Christmas gift. Who knew that big cats and little kids shared the same fascination with wrapping paper?

  • 5

    Dog's owners act like real Grinches

    This dog should ask Santa for a new set of owners. First they taunt him by holding his gift just out of reach, making him wait and sit for it. Then, once it's in his paws, they instantly start pestering him to open it faster. News flash: Your dog does not have opposable thumbs, so give him a break. But the real lump of Christmas coal comes at the end of this video, when the female owner actually yanks the dog by the tail to get him to sit still. Let's hope their only Christmas visit this year is from the ASPCA.

  • 6

    Gorillas tear into presents just like we do

    Seriously, is this just a prank video featuring a bunch of people wearing gorilla suits? Or a scene from 'Planet of the Apes 2: Santa's Revenge'?

  • 7

    Parrot achieves Christmas miracle

    It's 'Rocky' meets 'A Christmas Story' meets 'Rio!' (Or, if you're old-school enough, 'Paulie.') Kili the plucky parrot, bravely scaling the sides of her towering cage beak-over-foot, defies all odds when she finally reaches the Christmas gift she's long dreamed about: A nut! Featuring the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's rousing Yuletide anthem "Christmas Dreams," which only adds to the feelgood-movie effect.

  • 8

    Polar bears get drums full of fish

    Give a polar bear a huge cylinder of smelly fish and watch as the gentle slapstick ensues. Look, that polar bear's got his head stuck in the box! Ha ha, that other one's trying to open it from the wrong end! (Hey, wait a minute, don't polar bears prefer Coke for Christmas?)

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