It's times like these when we're really jealous of our friends Down Under, because how awesome would it be to have native koalas casually roaming around? Answer: almost as awesome as it would be not awesome to be stung by one of those insta-kill jellyfish they've got down there.

Since it's not everyday we see these little buggers, you might not fully understand the extent of their adorableness. It's almost too much to handle.

As these GIFs reveal, the furry guys are just like any other animal, except they hug tighter, scurry funnier and eat apples in a way cuter manner than we ever thought possible. So check out these koalas in action; it'll make your week way better -- guaranteed.

"Oh, hello, madame."

"You weren't using this were you?"

Gah! It's like a living, breathing Gizmo that won't turn into a gremlin!

Best bad hair day ever.

Run away!!

"Hi, everyone!"

Clinging to your back until you almost fall down, just like a human child!

This seems like the best way to get from point A to point B.

Caught in a moment of existential crisis.

We don't know whether to be excited or terrified by this.

Cuteness ... circuits ... overloading.

Does this mean they put up koala feeders like we put out bird feeders?!

The most distinguished you'll ever see anyone look with food dangling out of their mouth.