If 'America's Funniest Home Videos'' 22 seasons are any indication, Americans love laughing at other people's pain. And what's funnier than when someone is expecting to have fun, only to be sorely disappointed? For this reason, water slide accidents are absolutely hilarious. Check out some of the best that we found.

This crash is especially cringe-worthy because you can totally see it coming. Poor design of the slide, but how stupid can you be to go down a water slide with a metal gate at the end?

We can't honestly call this GIF a "fail." It's more like a water slide win. Check out this epic save of dignity -- until he crashes again.

Once you get past the abysmal spelling mistake in the beginning (they probably meant *wear* a wetsuit, not that the guy was a wetsuit), you're in for a treat with this one. A heavy set guy slides down his roof on a homemade water slide, just to completely miss the pool.

You have to be an idiot to go down a water slide with no water. In our opinion, these guys deserve their crash.

These kids just don't seem to learn from their mistakes. Even after watching the others miss the pool, they just keep going. Wait for the end though, they saved the best for last.

This attempt to get air results in an almost terrible accident. This kid really got lucky.

This is how to not go down a water slide:

Even thought this man gets stuck going down the water slide, the kid behind him sure doesn't.

Need more water slide fails? Check out these hilarious pictures.

Still haven't had enough? Here's a compilation of slide mishaps.