When the weather gets warmer, and you head out into the sun, you're bound to eat a whole lot of ice cream. Of course, you could choose from the traditional flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and rocky road. But why not try something a little different?

There are all kinds of flavor combinations out there, just waiting to be devoured (or spit back out). Some are amazingly creative and awfully delicious, while others are just downright bizarre. Here are our 10 of our favorites.

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    The Pie Who Loved Me

    The ice cream maniacs, er, geniuses at Cold Stone Creamery has taken sugary delights to new heights. This franchise chain is known for its incredibly sweet, and very large, ice cream handiworks. The flavor "The Pie Who Loved Me" is no exception. You can knock your sweet tooth out this summer (or anytime of the year) with a blend of cheesecake ice cream, a graham cracker piecrust, Oreo cookies and fudge. Who says you can’t have your pie (and ice cream) and eat it to?

    roboppy, Flickr
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    Black Licorice Ice Cream

    If a scoop of ice cream that's colored inky black floats your boat, then you're probably in for a treat. Fosselman's, a well-known Los Angeles ice cream shop, is where you can buy this very aggressive-looking flavor. Once you get past the off-putting color, you'll do just fine. Of course your tongue and lips will be stained black for the rest of the day. The flavor is only available in October, so you'll have to find another kind of ice cream to turn your tongue black over the summer.

    HiStyley, Flickr
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    Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream

    Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery wants to butter up your taste buds for some Popcorn Ice Cream. Yep, you heard us right. Maggie Moo’s Buttered Popcorn flavor will help you end that age-old debate over whether you should have popcorn or ice cream when you plop down on the couch to watch a movie. Now you can have both.

    lili.chin, Flickr
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    Secret Breakfast Ice Cream

    Humphry Slocombe is an ice cream joint in San Francisco that isn't afraid to experiment with different flavors. You know when you come home after a night of drinking, and the next morning you're pretty hungry, but you wouldn’t mind another drink as well? Rejoice, because your problem has been solved. Secret Breakfast ice cream is an inventive combination of bourbon and cornflakes. Now that you know about it, you can stop pouring Jack Daniels in your Shredded Wheat.

    pyrogenic, Flickr
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    Octopus Ice Cream

    When it comes to strange ice cream flavors, no one can really beat the Japanese. If some of their milder creations, like wasabi or cactus-flavored ice cream just aren't extreme enough for your taste buds, don't fret. You can try a scoop of delicious octopus ice cream on your next visit to Japan. We're sure you can hardly wait.

    maddercarmine, Flickr
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    French Toast Ice Cream

    Now here is a flavor that makes sense. People put ice cream on French toast, so why not put French toast flavor in ice cream? French toast ice cream has been featured as a Baskin and Robbins flavor of the month. With lots of "gooey maple bread pudding," you'll be sure to get your daily allotment of super sweet breakfast for dessert.

    amanky, Flickr
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    Garlic Ice Cream

    If you've ever been to a garlic festival, then you have probably seen, and perhaps even tasted, garlic ice cream. If you haven't been to a garlic festival and you're just dying to try this unusual flavor for yourself, you can make it at home fairly easily. Apparently, if you add a bit of honey to the recipe, the strong garlic taste will mellow out some. If you're worried about vampires (too many 'Twilight' movies, perhaps), you'll be able to fool them easily now. They'll never expect you to keep your stock of garlic in the freezer inside tubs of ice cream.

    kreg.steppe, Flickr
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    Horsemeat Ice Cream

    Back to Japan again, where there is no shortage of strange ice cream. To Western sensibilities, Basashi Ice's Horsemeat ice cream is probably one of the flavor combinations most likely to make your stomach churn. And no, this is not a clever name for something that is actually very sweet. Horsemeat ice cream really has chopped up bits of horseflesh in it. If the 'The Godfather' had been made in Japan, Don Corleone could have just left a scoop of ice cream in the bed to make his threatening statement.

    wilhelmja, Flickr
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    Boccalone Prosciutto Ice Cream

    Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, among others, has been making Boccalone Prosciutto ice cream. Combining fine cuts of pork with ice cream gives the dessert a slightly pinkish cast. There are no extra frills with the flavor-- this really is bacon ice cream. And, oddly enough, it has been one of Humphry Slocombe’s best sellers. They don’t make a lot of it, but when they do, it goes fast. It seems like people will put bacon in and on just about anything.

    Mr Ush, Flickr
  • 10

    Chocolate-Covered Bacon Ice Cream

    Let's keep the bacon theme rolling here, and kick it up a notch. Chocolate-covered bacon ice cream has everything an ice cream lover could desire (unless you're a lactose-intolerant vegetarian, of course). Some fancy restaurants have begun to offer this amazing combination. It's not that difficult to imagine, really. Get hold of some chocolate-covered bacon, or make it yourself, and then combine it with vanilla ice cream. This is a meat and ice cream lovers dream come true.

    mobile247, Flickr