Crazy Ukrainian Teens Climb Bridge [VIDEO]
While we're not quite sure if these Ukrainian teens are as recklessly insane as the train surfers from India we met a few weeks ago, the trio definitely made their bids for Darwin Award immortality by climbing to the top of a large suspension bridge in Kiev without the aid of any climbing equip…
Double-Jointed Musician Plays the Piano Backwards [VIDEO]
Evan Patrone has double-jointed shoulders and elbows, which allows him to sit on a bench and play the piano backwards. You'll probably cringe a little bit when you see his talent in action (nature did not intend for arms to bend that way, right?). And you may continuing cringing, depe…
Horrifyingly Huge Rat Killed With Pitchfork [PICTURE]
Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera was filling in a rat hole in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects (childhood home of Jay-Z) last week when three of the vermin rushed out at him. So he swung his trusty pitchfork at the rats and struck the largest one. And boy, was it large.
Shark Swims Down Puerto Rico Street [PICTURE]
As Hurricane Irene nears the East coast, there's been talk of evacuating below-sea-level areas from Florida all the way to New England. If you've got a fear of flooding, it'll only be bolstered by this horrifying photo out of water-logged Puerto Rico. In the shot taken from a car, a shark can be cle…

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