Is This Super-Scary Dog Possessed by the Devil? [VIDEO]
In response to having his belly rubbed, this already devilish-looking pooch seems to growl out the phrase "I like Satan." And that's not even the most demonic thing he does -- brace yourself for an ear-splitting snarl at the end of the clip.
Warning: This video is safe for work…
Leopard Attacks and Injures 11 People in India [VIDEO]
11 people in India were mauled by a leopard after the animal wandered into a village in West Bengal's Darjeeling district, 'Today' reports.
Six villagers, a policeman and four forest officials were hurt as they attempted to drive the animal into a wildlife sanctuary.
Controversial Breastfeeding Doll Coming to the US [VIDEO]
A doll which allows little girls to simulate breastfeeding is coming to the United States.
Toy company Berjuan's "Breast Milk Baby" includes a person-sized halter top that has two flowers where a mother's nipples would be, and makes a suckling sound when the doll's mouth is pressed up again…