Star Wars

Are Those Cockroaches or Jawas From ‘Star Wars’?
Cockroaches are bad enough, but just imagine if you found one of these newly-discovered bioluminescent critters crawling on your bathroom floor one late night. We're not ashamed to admit we'd probably shriek and run. The only saving grace for this freaky-looking new species is that they re…
Real Life ‘Star Wars’ Speeder Bikes May Be On The Way
There's no need for proper roads in the 'Star Wars' galaxy far, far away. That's because everyone from Jedi Knights to lowly nerf-herders can just get themselves a speeder bike and hover at great velocity above any relatively flat terrain.
Now the folks at Aerofex have developed a 'Star Wars'-like ho…
Jedi Baby Duels Dad With Lightsaber
Ready for a video that's both adorable and geeky? Dad Bradley Lewis gave his one-year-old baby daughter a M&M candy dispenser shaped like a lightsaber to play with. But when she switched on the blue lightsaber, you could tell from her reaction the Force in her was strong.
Former ‘Star Wars’ Ewok In Trouble With the Law
Not everybody is a fan of the Ewoks, the adorable little teddy bears who routed an empire in 'Return of the Jedi.' But the Manchester, UK police aren't fans of Ewok actor Nicholas Read for another reason entirely: namely, his gross behavior on trains.

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