Adult 'Star Wars' fans would sleep in a giant Millennium Falcon, if the sight didn't make their parents cry as they ventured into the basement.

Fortunately, this little boy has an equally big 'Star Wars' fan for a Dad. He must be after turning a bit of wood and PVC pipes into an AT-AT bed.

The patriarch of the Dutilly family took six and a half weeks and over 60 hours of work to build this bunk bed for his his very lucky son. It doesn't just look like the massive walkers that decimated the Rebel base on Hoth in 'The Empire Strikes Back.' It's also got some great little details and very functional for a mischievous young boy who can mess up a room faster than a young Keith Moon in a posh hotel suite.

It's got twin mounted gun turrets sticking out of its massive head and a neat looking exo-skeletal structure on either side. We're sure a builder this savvy is working on a way to make them actually fire deadly lasers.

The stairs leading up to the top bunk also serve as a nifty secret toy box for the kid to put his toys away, assuming he does that in the first place.

It even has a little beside window so his parents can check up on him to make sure he's actually sleep and not pretending that he's blowing Rebel scum out of the sky. At least that's what we'd be doing if it was our bed.