Mischievous Kids Electrocute Dad Over and Over
Children are natural pranksters and the two kids in this clip don't disappoint as they electrocute their poor dad over and over. Don't worry. No parents were harmed in the making of this video, but at least one became seriously frustrated.
Kid Does Perfect Imitation of Trololo Guy
Eduard Khil, also known as Mr. Trololo, may passed on, but he'll never leave our hearts. Or, apparently, our computer screens. Trololo will never die, not while kids like this are making parodies like this.
Cute Kid Eats Hot Pepper and Regrets It
On the internet, there's no shortage of people trying to eat ill-advised things. (Remember the "cinnamon challenge?") This is yet another example of a bad gastronomical decision where a little boy tries to sneak a hot yellow pepper while no one's looking. Needless to say,…
Meet an Eight-Year-Old College Prodigy
When Tanishq Abraham was around two-years-old, his parents noticed there was something different about him. He was already counting, and seemed to be able to grasp concepts way beyond his years. By age four Tanishq was accepted into the high IQ society MENSA.
Funniest Memes of the Week – Drunk Baby, Implying Dog, and more
Move over Overly Attached Girlfriend, Drunk Baby is our newest favorite meme. With droopy eyes and perched in front of a beer, this baby looks both adorable and, well, drunk. But with Drunk Baby all the rage, let's just say Godfather Baby is not happy. Don't worry though, funny babies aren't all we …
11-Year-Old Boy Becomes Ordained Minister
While most young boys are focused on playing video games, Ezekiel Stoddard of Temple Hills, MD, is more concerned with preaching the gospel to his congregation. You see, Stoddard recently became an ordained minister at only 11-years-old.
Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dancing Makes Little Girl Cry
When kids meet their favorite professional athletes, there are usually two things that happen. They either play it cool or they freak out like they had just won the sports lottery.
Recently, one little eight-year-old girl got to meet New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and star wide receiver Vict…

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