Toddlers Get In Adorable Dance Fight
OK, so they're not the Sharks. Or the Jets. Either the dancing street gangs or the sports teams. But they are cute...and they do get into a fight that would make hockey enforcers and football players proud.
‘Karate Kid’ Keeps Cool While Stuck in Laundry Hamper
If you've ever watched 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' you know they have a segment where parents royally mess with their kids. It's some of the funniest content on the show, but part of us thinks it encourages parents everywhere to become gonzo filmmakers and potential 'Jackass' cast members.
It also leads us …
Rocking Three-Year-Old Wakes Up to Nirvana
Waking a sleeping kid is dangerous business and can sometimes result in a serious case of "cranky-pants." Two siblings seem to have found a way around this by rousing their three-year-old brother from slumber with 'Breed' by Nirvana, of all things. Surprisingly, the kid l…
3-Year-Old Genius Is Still Just a Kid
Many parents insist their child is a genius. Emmelyn Roetteger, however, has the paperwork to prove it. She scored a 135 on an IQ test, and was thus accepted into MENSA.
She is, on the other hand, still a toddler, as this bit from the Today Show shows us.
Hungry Lion Eyes Baby Girl at Kansas City Zoo
It's been two weeks since video of a lion attempting to eat a toddler dressed like a zebra surfaced. Now comes still another example of a child about to be devoured by a zoo animal. This time, a hungry lion eyes an adorable baby girl at the Kansas City Zoo. When will this trend of parents sacri…

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