The pint-sized filmmakers at Kids Swede Movies has done some pretty great work in the past by recreating scenes from 'There Will Be Blood,' 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' and 'The Big Lebowski' using an all-kid cast. But they've really outdone themselves this time with the infamous "chestburster" scene from 'Alien.' It's both cute and highly disturbing at the same time.

There's precious little dialogue here, but, really, who needs it? As one kid flops around on a table, two others laughingly try to insert a spoon in his mouth, and then chestburster emerges, looking suspiciously like a hand puppet covered in ketchup with a hair clip for a mouth.

The kids try their best to look shocked, but they just seem amused at best. Even the victim of the chestburster has to resist the urge to giggle at the hilarious spectacle. In space, no one can hear you laugh at low-budget special effects.

What iconic scene would you like to see these kids recreate next?