It’s Kitten Versus Doberman In Cutest Match-Up Ever
Animals getting along together are just super fun to watch. Particularly sworn enemies like cats and dogs. But a tiny kitten playing with a full grown doberman? Check out this cute (albeit a bit worrying) video in which a six-week-old kitten shows no fear as it takes on a two-year-old Doberman.
Cat Punches Out Dog in Funniest Photo Ever
For reasons we've never fully understood, cats and dogs have had long-standing animosity toward each other. While dogs tend to use brute strength to win conflicts, we suspects cats will do whatever they need to get the upper hand (er, paw). As proof, check out this image where a cat totally see…
Hero Golden Retriever Rescues Missing Autistic Child
The parents of 5-year-old Scotty Meyer, who suffers from autism, were fear stricken when they realized their son had disappeared. The family officially reported him missing midday last Tuesday, convinced that he had slipped out of the house while their air conditioning was being repaired. Fortunatel…
Adorable Pooch Cries in Her Sleep
In a video guaranteed to break your heart with cuteness, an adorable puppy named Daphne appears to cry in her sleep before waking up and looking around in chagrin. Yes, pooch, the entire internet just saw that.
Dog Obsessed With Air Conditioner Has the Right Idea
Large swaths of the nation are currently being blasted with extreme heat. If you happen to live one of these boiling regions, you are probably wondering how folks were able to properly function in such conditions before there was air conditioning.
Now imagine if you had to face triple-digit temperatu…

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