Dogs may be man's best friend, but no one's ever accused them of being smart. Take, for example, this video of a silly dog who absentmindedly sits on a young boy's head. We're just glad it wasn't our head.

As with many videos, this one begins with two children and a dog playing in a living room. But when one of the children operates a toy that makes the dog nervous, the pooch backs up and sits at a safe distance. Unfortunately, the dog plops its behind directly on the head of a young boy, who's far from amused.

The boy in question is fairly young, but he's old enough to know what a dog's rear end is capable of. As a result, he begins to cry and looks for comfort. But mom is far too distracted by the dog's silly antics to offer any real solace.

Don't feel bad, kid. If we were in your situation, we'd cry too. (Then we'd take a hot shower.)