A dog will eat anything from a seat cushion to an old shoe to stuff we'd rather not get into. Which is why this video is so telling. Its star, a five-month-old pup, recoils at the sight and smell of law-fat lamb jerky.

While the fox red lab is suspicious of the meat product from the beginning, the more he takes it in the more uncomfortable he becomes with it being anywhere close to his month. By the end of the video he is growling at the jerky and trying to swipe at it with his paws. "Get that away from me now!," the pooch would no doubt be screaming if he could talk.

All in all, it's a pretty devastating indictment of whatever is used to make low-fat jerky "low-fat." Yes, we know as Americas we need to eat better. But after watching that clip, it's only "high fat" meat for us, arteries be damned.