If you saw the so-awful-it's-sublime movie 'Showgirls,' you likely remember the scene in which someone compliments Nomi's dress and she says, "Thanks! I bought it at Ver-sayce," completely and embarrassingly butchering the pronunciation of designer label Versace.

If you'd like to recreate that moment for yourself, the YouTube channel Pronunciation Manual is here to "help."

Started as a sarcastic offshoot of the more earnest Pronunciation Book, Pronunciation Manual purposely and hilariously mangles celebrity names like Ralph Fiennes and Jake Gyllenhaal, run-of-the-mill words like "darkness" and "panties," and designers like Louboutin, Hermès, and -- yes -- Versace.

Just don't take them seriously or you'll give the sales ladies at Neiman Marcus a week's worth of derisive laughter.

Here are some of our Manual favorites. (And by the way, if you want to know how to correctly say those hoity-toity designer names, YouTuber wwwihmcca will give you an assist.)


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