It's the most wonderful time of year (for some). Parents everywhere are rejoicing, and teachers are gearing up as kids head back to school.

When does the 2023 school year start?

The Pew Research Center determined that the majority of states will start up this month, particularly Aug. 12 through Aug. 30. There are some states, mostly in the east, that start after Labor Day. And believe it or not, other schools were back in session at the end of July.

A lot goes into prepping for a new school year. Teachers have to create the course curriculum and assignments, plan events, gather the appropriate educational materials, set up their classrooms, and that's all before school even starts. The list grows exponentially once school is actually in session.

With so much to do, of course teachers have picked up some hacks along the way. We're going to take a look at some of the best teacher hacks from TikTok that'll have any educator acing back-to-school season.

TEACHER HACK #1: How To Get Permanent Marker Off a Dry Erase Board

Got scribble on your board from a sharpie? OG teachers know this hack. Just scribble a dry erase marker over it and away it goes.

TEACHER HACK #2: Pull From Name Jar to Call on Students

A fair and easy way to choose students to call on. You can do any variation of this using different kinds on jars or items with names on them. The concept is genius.

TEACHER HACK #3: Put a Cover Around Your Desk

Put some sticky clips around the edge of your desk and hang some material from it. It'll cover the area under your desk so you can store all of those snacks and personal items out of sight.

TEACHER HACK #4: Laminate Everything All at Once

Save time laminating by taping your sheets together. Talk about a time saver!

TEACHER HACK #5: Make DIY Pencil Holders

Students will never search for their pencils again. Cut some colorful straws and tape them to the desks. Viola!

TEACHER HACK #6: Use Thumbtacks to Stick Labels to Drawers

Forget messy glue and tape, use thumb tacks to put labels on your plastic drawers.

TEACHER HACK #7: Make Pack-Up Time Easy With Fun Videos

Dodge the craziness of pack-up time by having students choose an ASMR video to watch as they clean up and gather their things. A calm way to end the day.

TEACHER HACK #8: Make Your Supplies Last Longer

Putting rubber bands on the tops of hand sanitizer to control the amount used and having a supply sign-out station are easy tricks to making those supplies last.

TEACHER HACK #9: Put Poly Cotton Paper Over Bulletin Boards

Take those boring bulletin boards to the next level with colorful material. Just iron, stretch, and staple, and you've got a board that pops.

TEACHER HACK #10: Keep Your Classroom Organized and Functional

An organized classroom helps not only make supplies last longer, but it promotes academic growth and helps teachers focus on the important things (not finding the cap to the glue stick). From desk water bottle holders to stapler stations, there are some great tips here.

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