Step aside Bill Gates -- there’s a new whiz-kid on the block. Gates may have been the world’s youngest self-made billionaire but Shafay Thobani, age 8, could be his up-and-coming rival, after being named the world’s youngest Microsoft specialist.

The bright eyed youngster from Pakistan has mastered complicated internet protocol and domain name systems to become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2.

While his friends played ball games or watched TV, Shafay spent his after school hours in a 1,000 sq ft training area. He had five hours a day of structured computer classes, and studied for thirteen months to pass the IT and software tests.

Dr. Shau Thobani, Shafay’s father and CEO of Thobson Technologies spotted the spark in Shafay’s personality at a young age.

The proud father said, “When he was three-years-old he was more interested by my electronics than he was in his own toys. Even when he was small, I saw something different in Shafay."

Whoever says the youth of today are dumb and lazy about should probably meet this kid!

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