There comes a point in media production when the quality of content is so bad, it's good. This rule definitely applies to the worst album covers ever produced by modern music.

In an age of glossy, hi-definition photography, looking at the cheesy, low-rent images on these hilariously awful albums is a refreshing blast from the past. After reviewing our choices for 'Worst Album Covers,' you too will be transported back to a time of unfortunate pastels and copious facial hair.

So, while the artistically-inclined can appreciate and admire the masterpieces featured on the list of '50 Beautiful Album Covers' from our pals at Diffuser, we think the internet faithful who appreciate found cheesiness will gravitate more to our list of the "worst" covers, embrace them and turn them into the hilarious memes.

Click below to see the 50 worst album covers of all time. We may not remember their music, but we'll never forget their handsome mugs.

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