Great inventors like Thomas Edison and Johann Gutenberg might have given us great things that have ushered mankind into a new era of prosperity, but they weren't very huggable. Meet seven-year-old science wonder Audri.

The boy wonder's house had some kind of monster infestation. So rather than let the evil overtake him and his family, he decided to use his boundless brilliance and unbridled enthusiasm for science to build a better monster-trap.

He took some simple household objects like some dominoes, ball bearings, and a toaster and turned them into the ultimate monster trap. Watching his Rube Goldberg contraption go into action, however, is just the tip of the Tesla coil.

For us, the machine isn't the best part. It's watching his glowing excitement over creating something that actually works. He's like a mini-Dr. Frankenstein or Emmett "Doc" Brown, except his creations actually helped people. It doesn't matter that his "Igor" was his mom.

[via Boing Boing]