Ahh, infomercials -- that programming staple of 2:30 in the morning on cable systems everywhere. Have you ever wondered where they all began?

Well, wonder no more.

This video is believed to be the first infomercial in history. Shot in 1949, it stars William G. "Papa" Barnard, hawking a Vitamix blender that can help people eat healthy.

The piece runs nearly half an hour and is more entertaining than many 30-minute shows on TV today. And Barnard makes a dish comprised of a carrot, egg with its shell, raisins, peanuts, and apple and a cucumber. Not even Ron Popeil can make this look appetizing.

We're assuming the second infomercial in history was for some sort of contraption to clean your colon in a tastier manner. And we're hoping that is when the "if you act now, get a second one free" gimmick was introduced.