Flying a paper airplane ain't just for little kids anymore.

John Collins is the world record owner for longest paper airplane flight. Now, he's sharing his secret for creating the plane which did it, which he calls Suzanne, in honor of his wife. In this 35-minute video -- yes, 35 minutes -- Collins shows just how to make the plane. That's about the same amount of time it takes to clear security before getting on an actual plane.

Collins is also putting his money where his mouth is. He'll give $1,000 to anyone who can use the Suzanne to fly his plane further than he did. That's a type of paper we'd really like to get our hands on.

Collins, who has written three books about paper airplanes, isn't done there, though. He's taking his expertise to a whole new level, if that's even possible. He's launched a Kickstarter campaign to start a website promoting a national paper airplane contest, clearly filling a Dunder Mifflin-sized void in the world.