Meet Christopher Ullman, champion whistler and dapper gent. Just look at the way he wears that tuxedo. Impressive!

But even more impressive is how he can play "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" with his lips. Such clear, pure sound. Such great tonal accuracy. Sure puts us to shame, and we've always thought our "Sweet Child o' Mine" was pretty sweet. Oh well.

Mr. Ullman explains a few ways in which a world champion whistler like himself differs in his art from your typical whistler (like us):

  1. Range -- how high or low you can go
  2. The various ways to make a whistling sound -- as in, it's not just with your lips

One downside? No kissing for at least a day before a performance. "Kissing makes the lips mushy," Ullman explains.

We're not sure we're ready to give up mushy lips, so for now, we'll just leave the whistling dominance to him.

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