A woman's trip to Walmart turned into a reminder about what's important in life.

This woman, Paige Yore, posted a moving video on Facebook recalling an experience she had watching a teenage cashier at one of the chain's stores in Pueblo, Colo. The employee couldn't seem to do anything right and another woman on line ripped into him when he had trouble with her transaction.

The cashier couldn't deal with it and eventually broke out in tears. It turns out his mother had taken her own life that morning, but he still had to go to work in order to pay his bills.

Yore tried to lend a helping hand, but says the encounter left a big impression on her and urged others to remember not to be so mean to people helping us. As she reminds us, "They are fighting a battle that none of us know about. Just like all of us...And treat other people like you want to be treated."

You can see the touching video below.

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