It's not quite a citizen's arrest, but it may be the next best thing.

A woman in a mall casually stuck out her foot to trip a shoplifter who was trying to escape from police (or it could be security -- in a mall who's to say who's Paul Blart and who's Ponch from CHiPs).

The move worked. The suspect took a tumble and slid like a baseball player trying to stretch a single into a double. And the crowd on hand sounds like it's about to bust out in applause to cheer on the capturing of the thief. It's just proof that there's a time and place to trip someone.

According to the YouTube description, "A Hispanic woman stopped a black man accused of theft by tripping him. After, a group of his friends started harassing that woman for being a 'snitch' and 'racist.' They were kicked out as well."

Hmm, we can't help but think the whole mess could've been avoided if, you know, the guy didn't try to steal something in the first place.