You may want to add this to your list of things you can't do on a flight these days. Jeanie Daniels was on her way to Houston to meet her boyfriend when she was asked by the flight-attendant to stop polishing her nails due to the smell. Daniels, realizing she had only two more nails left to do, then went to the bathroom to finish them, so as not to bother her fellow passengers. Turns out Southwest won't allow that even in the airplane bathroom.

Upon exiting the bathroom, Daniels was confronted by another flight attendant and this provoked Daniels to curse loudly at the Southwest staff. An altercation followed and upon landing in Houston, Daniels was arrested and jailed for more than 10 hours. She was later freed after the judge dismissed the case of "abusive profane language" used against the flight attendant.

Both Daniels and her boyfriend told reporters after the incident that they're shocked over the powers airlines have in such cases. What do you think? Are airlines getting out of control or are they just trying to ensure a safe and comfortable flight?

[via HuffPo Weird News]