This woman is going to fry for this.

Okay, probably not fry, but she is going to be punished, that's for sure.

In the biggest crime to hit IKEA since the decision to expect people to figure out how to assemble a Dyfjord 6-drawer dresser, a woman was arrested after she was caught trying to shoplift a frying pan in her leggings at a St. Louis store.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sierra Coleman is the woman in question and, unfortunately for her, the incident was caught on camera and has since gone viral (note the NSFW language).

Coleman, who had the pan wedged tightly into her buttocks, was apprehended by security officers. She didn't exactly go quietly into that good night, either, putting up a fight and doing her best to make it look she was being manhandled.

Coleman, who already had three outstanding warrants, is ow looking at a pair of theft misdemeanors, as well as an assault charge.

And you thought the worst thing that could happen to you when you went to IKEA was a stomachache after eating some lingonberry preserves in the restaurant.

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