Do you ever have the urge to hunt a werewolf? If so, you are in luck. The event agency Chillisauce is now offering an overnight werewolf hunting experience.

Per their website:

This potentially life-changing night requires a minimum group size of 8 people, arriving for 8pm and then continuing until dawn. Hunters will be prepared with safety training, kitted out with werewolf repellent clothing, undergo a crash course in basic military training and receive a briefing on weapons training. Before the hunters begin, they will set up preventative trip wires and explosive booby traps around the camp to protect against the imminent attack.

The event starts at about $250 a person. Oh, and it takes place in Birmingham, England, so you have to really want put a silver bullet in a werewolf to also absorb the expense of flying across the Atlantic Ocean to do so.

But, then again, the pretty boy shape-shifters of  'Twilight' may well engender that kind of anti-werewolf rage in some.